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Vanished (book one)

Ten years after the wedding, Jason and Alison Kendrick finally got away on their long-awaited honeymoon. Instead of a weekend full of memories and well-deserved fun, things took a shocking turn when Alison mysteriously vanished before his eyes.


With the help of Alison's reclusive, genius scientist father, Jason discovered that his wife's disappearance had a deeper meaning. He'll do anything in his power to bring her back home.

Vanished: The Quantum Chronicles

Vanished book 2.jpg

It's been five months since rescuing Alison from the secret facility.

Jason still keeps his eyes on her. All the time. In fear that she might vanish again.

Jason and Alisons' love has been tested more than ever. And after having their world turned upside down, they thought it was safe to relax for a moment.

Until now.

Alison is one of the few successful experiments of these scientists, which means it's only a matter of time until she vanishes into thin air again.

After discovering teleportation is real, there is a mission he must complete. Things he thought were only in the movies, are also in the real world.

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