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Brewing Love  & Lattes Series - PNGtextpink.png

Genre: Women's Fiction


Hailey Scott keeps her heart firmly guarded. Left shy and sensitive from years of verbal abuse by her father, she finds it hard to trust men and has to fight the overwhelming urge to flee.

Hailey spends her days working as a barista in her best friend’s cafe tucked away in the small North Carolina town of Beaufort.

But everything she knows is about to change the moment Eric Carter walks into her life. He shows her the true meaning of love and, for once, Hailey’s tempted to stay.

But will she be able to find the strength to overcome her trust issues and break free of her father’s damage?


Life is great for Eric and Hailey.

A weight has been lifted from her shoulders since she cut ties with her abusive father.

Life has become brighter for her.

Until one day Hailey receives a letter from her dad dated three weeks prior, reopening the wounds of her past.

Her emotions surge as she wonders if her newfound happiness with Eric can survive the turmoil that's about to unfold.

Special Edition Hardcover

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