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Hello and Welcome!

Hey everyone,

I've got some exciting updates to share with you all!

I'm switching gears a bit and changing my author name from Amy Rose to A.J. Rose. Simply because I'm evolving my author career, and a new name is part of the journey.

What's Staying Put:

All my previous works will remain under Amy Rose, including the two upcoming releases "That's What Love Becomes" and "Crossing Sacred Lines."

What's Changing:

Starting after "Crossing Sacred Lines," all my fresh creations will proudly bear the name A.J. Rose. I'm super pumped about this shift!

While my social media handles will stay the same, you'll notice my profile names transitioning to A.J. Rose. Instagram and Facebook are already on board, but TikTok's playing hard to get. Patience is key, right?

Why the Change, You Ask?

Well, it's nothing dramatic. With my writing journey veering toward mysteries and thrillers, I wanted to stand out more. Plus, there are a few other Amy Roses in the literary world. My legal name is Amy Rose, and I didn't even know there were authors with that name in this industry until a year in a half a go.

My first book was a mystery. I wasn't sure what genre I wanted to write until after I've dabbled in a couple others. While romance will always have a special place in my heart, I'm diving deeper into mysteries, thrillers, and speculative fiction—all with a sprinkle of romance, of course!

I've always been upfront about my diverse writing interests, and I'm thrilled to have you all along for the ride.

That's What Love Becomes

Life is great for Eric and Hailey.

A weight has been lifted from her shoulders since she cut ties with her abusive father.

Life has become brighter for her.

Until one day Hailey receives a letter from her dad dated three weeks prior, reopening the wounds of her past.

Her emotions surge as she wonders if her newfound happiness with Eric can survive the turmoil that's about to unfold.

Brewing Love & Lattes series

Releases July 25th


All my life, I’ve tried to be everything that everyone else wants me to be.


The caring sister. The generous friend. The perfect pastor’s daughter.


But every delicate string that’s holding me together threatens to unravel because of one man who is everything I should not want and everything I’ve been told that I can’t have.


Toby Morgan is not just my brother Christian’s best friend.

He’s the notorious flirt that’s the life of every wild party.


The type of man that my parents want me to have nothing to do with.


Despite all the things that should send me running in the other direction, there is more to him than anyone else realizes… a side to him that I can’t resist and threatens to change my life as I know it.


Forgive me father for I am about to sin. 

Crossing Sacred Lines

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